Nearly Free Advertising

This was part of a post I'm working on about advertising methods I have been using but the offer is about to expire and I wanted you to have this opportunity.

Until the end of July Microsoft adCenter and are running a joint promotion. When you sign up with Microsoft adCenter (Cost$5.00) you receive $50 in free ad clicks and get upgraded to the paid version of Sitemeter for one year. You must first have a free Sitemeter account and not already be a Microsoft adCenter customer. Othe than that it is open to anyone.

I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer if for no other reason than the experience of running a text ad Pay Per Click campaign. For the $5 account fee you get to go inside the control panel and play with all of the tools to set up an ad campaign including checking keyword search frequency and demographics. Then you get to implement you campaign with your preset spending limit (Mine is $50.) and sit back and let it work.

When the free $50 is spent either shut it down or set another budget and continue. The things I have already learned about the back side of keyword PPC advertising has been well worth the $5 and I got $50 in clicks plus a Sitemeter upgrade. Score!

This is NOT an affiliate promotion from this blog. I make nothing from this.