Week 2 Stats

What happened this week?

This week the blog was submitted to thirteen more directories, started receiving traffic from submitted articles, received two very nice reviews here and here, got a link posted at the top of a list on John Cow, registered on two more social networking sites, received a hit form a Google search and generated revenue!

Where did the traffic come from? (Traffic will be expressed in HITS not page views.)

Social Networking Sites (MBL, Yahoo 360, Blog Catalog) – 54
Blog Directories – 10
Submitted Articles – 4
Response to Comments Left on Other Blogs – 25
Direct Links From Other Blogs – 13
Search Engine – 1

Hits / Subscribers / Revenue

This Week ------- 135 / 15 / $ 0.00
Last Week ------ 37 / 4 /1.80
So Far ------- 172 / 15 / $ 1.80


Social networking is where it’s at. The 54 hits expressed in this report is only the direct traffic from these sites and doesn’t reflect return visits or hits as a result of connections made through those networks.

Overall I’m happy with the performance so far. (Actually I’m a little surprised.) I thank you all and hope you find enough good stuff here to keep you coming back. If you like what you see, tell a friend!


Anonymous said...

hahah congrats! seems like your on your way! :D

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Mahdi. I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the traffic. And hey - It's my first time here so I'm a bit curious about this bet of yours or is it on the DL?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Can you give me the link for MBL? I never heard of that one.

Like I previously mentioned, you provide information that will make folks want to return... :)

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Guys!

Bush - My older brother bet me I couldn't build a website and make it turn a proffit before I graduate next May. I don't think he realized I could set up a blog for free. HeeeHeeeeHeee!!! Come back and visit any time or grab a feed!

Joe - MBL=MyBlogLog. I've gotten a little traffic coming from your site. Thanks. I've got your review written. I just need to proof it again and type it up. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah ha! Well I'm sure you'll win that bet very soon. And don't worry, the feed has already been grabbed. (#):)

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Bush.

tooruinagaki said...

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Ad Tracker said...

Tooruinagaki - Thanks for sropping by. Good luck with your new blog.