Five Ways to Become a Web 2.0 Loser

I am going to open the vault and show you this secret step-by-step process for not making a penny and becoming a Total Loser on MyBlogLog or any other social networking site.

  1. Find the most revealing yet not-quite-porn picture of a bikini model and make it your avatar.
  2. Choose a user name like “Tlk2Me”.
  3. Cram every AdSense unit and endorsement button Google will allow right at the top of your ‘blog’.
  4. Be certain that your posts are about how many thousands of dollars you can teach me to earn and that they are written in almost indecipherable English.
  5. Most importantly, spend any available leisure time trolling the member pages, joining every single community and making every single person a contact while leaving messages like, “You have good website. You come see my website at ‘http:/insertsomerediculouslylongURLhere’. You make me contact. Thanx”

Just follow these simple steps and you too can join the growing crowd of annoying losers. And you didn’t even have to download a free eBook.


Mom of 3 said...

Love it! I'll be checking back on your blog, can't wait to see how you do.

Ad Tracker said...

Mom of 3 - Thanks! Glad you liked it. I guess I just got fed up with some of the silliness going on. Check back often or, better yet, grab a feed.

Unknown said...

Ah, is that how they do it? Thanks so much for the tips!! Now I can bother the living daylights out of good bloggers, too! LOL!

Too funny - and I can totally relate to getting fed up with them!!

Sylvia S said...

I'm glad I'm not the only who noticed, whats really funny is the one guy who is simply creating the same blog over and over and over, identical template and those same 3 adsense banners ontop of each other promoting cities throughout the world.....Love your blog ad tracker

Ad Tracker said...

Lisa & Silvia G - I'm glad you guys liked it. I wonder, do they think no one notices? Do they think they're being orriginal?

Anonymous said...

Too funny and yet so true! The broken English and just plain bad grammar is what cracks me up with those types of messages. Have you noticed that the opt-out for community messages isn't working either? I continue to get those things despite me opting out. Aaarggh!

Ad Tracker said...

Yeah MARK, I have noticed the Cow keeps getting through.