Review of Arsenal Marketing

Joe from Arsenal Marketing wrote a very nice review of this blog as part of the “I Review” project. This is my reciprocal review.

The Arsenal Marketing blog is a networking and exposure arm of the larger company (You guessed it.) Arsenal Marketing a Web 2.0 marketing company for businesses and professionals and the site is geared toward that niche.

This is a relatively new blog and, as such, there isn’t a lot of content yet. However, what his posts are missing in quantity is more than compensated for in quality. This clean, well organized design with smooth lines and muted colors made for a comfortable read of all of the helpful information and suggestions for the online and offline professional.

The only complaint I had with my experience at Arsenal Marketing came when I tried to leave a comment. The format requires you to go through a registration process and receive a username and password with email confirmation before you may leave your comment. (A real pain). I could see this process almost eliminating comment from new readers.

Overall I found Arsenal Marketing to be a professional blog with some useful information. Of course, these are only my opinions. See for yourself.

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