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In the course of submitting this site to directories I came across It's kind of a social networking/website directory site. Anyway, after joining the site my discipline fell apart and I started exploring. I came across a really great post by Susan Suarez about a relatively new advertising site called has some very attractive features for anyone but especially someone on a budjet. First of all you can put your add up for FREE. The most unusual thing about is that all of the ads are business cards so they are totally visual. (A unique concept, yet simple.) The second attractive feature is that the advertisers pay on a per day basis. Placement of the ad is ranked by the amount of money per day the advertiser bid, but the bids I saw were rarely higher than 15 cents a day for a top spot. As a matter of fact, you could have a very good placement for less than 5 cents a day.

So far, so good, but it get's better. has a program that alows you to earn advertising money for helping to give them exposure. (Isn't that what we're all looking for?) If you wright a blog article and submit it to, upon aproval, they will add 2 cents per day to your card. If you add a link to your site they will add 1 cent per day. Sorry, only one upgrade is allowed per card. also has a referral program. You participate by placing the widget, like you see on the right side of my page, on your site. The widget will display ad cards from the catagory you select and you receive 50% of the revenue generated from your site. Of course, at 1 or 2 cents a day or less that won't be much now, but if this thing takes off like I think it will the prices should go up.

It certainly looks like something worth trying.


Susan S. said...

This is going to be a fun project! I'm glad you found the post on useful.


Susan Suarez