Ya Gotta Have A Plan!

Without a plan, the greatest idea is doomed to failure.

The Idea - First, one must establish a goal for their project.

The idea of the AdSense Tracker Blog is very straightforward. I will set up a blog with relevant AdSense ads placed on it by Google. I will strictly abide by Google's AdSense Terms of Service. I will do everything in my power to maximize both the traffic to the site as well as the amount of revenue I can gain from that traffic. The goal is to find out if Google AdSense advertising is actually profitable for an average person with a limited amount of website publishing skill. The hook is that I will share all of the information about my success or failure that I possibly can while not violating the rules. By doing this, I hope to cut through so much of the hype about "AdSense Goldmines", or build one. Either way, I'm going to do all of the work and we will all share equally in the gained knowledge and experience. I haven't decided yet how long this project will run. I think my minimum is about six months but probably more like a year. I suppose it really depends on my level of success!

The Plan - Then they must determine how best to achieve that goal.

The plan for this project is multi-faceted, very labor intensive and time consuming, at least to start with. I plan to make relative posts regularly, trying not to skip more than one day between them. I plan to spend time every evening, as possible, submitting the site to every directory I can find. I also plan to submit articles to content publishing sites. (I'm not wild about giving my work away, but I guess that's what I'm doing here, isn't it?) As soon as the site is established (one or two more posts) I will begin to become active in forums and other networking venues. I plan to take advantage of every method of free advertising I can come up with. I also plan to take suggestions and critiques from you. I consider this a group project and look forward to the ideas and input I receive from people with a different perspective.

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The Project - Finally, they must implement the plan.

The implementation of the plan has already begun. You're reading it. After one more strong post I'll start the submission process. I expect to start some random traffic after this post or the next. The hardest part of any difficult project is always getting started. I'm a little concerned about the amount of effort necessary to make this project a success, but I also look forward to the challenge. I'm also excited about the possibility of generating a little extra income. If nothing else, I expect to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding about the advertising side of the internet.

Join me for the ride!