Link Love and Poll Results

My real post will be later today but for now I need to return some link love.

John Cow is helping to make me famoooos. and both gave me nice reviews.

MeAndMyDrum gave me a great unsollicited plug.

The world famous fairy tale writer BlogGrrl stopped by and left an encouraging comment.

Thank You All!


Love It - 2
It's OK - 2
Not So Much - 1
Sucks! - 2

The interesting thing is there were over 90 visitors during the time the poll was running. It looks to me like that poll received a resounding "I Don't Care" vote. That sounds like a good topic for a post one day. I've got another post later. Until then, talk among yourselves.:)


Anonymous said...

I will be the tiebreaker: It's OK :) It's definitely too pink for my personal tastes, but the layout is straightforward and clear which is a plus. I could go either way ;)

Ad Tracker said...

Go either way huh? That settles it then. I'm keeping my pink! - Tracker