The Bulova Harley Davidson Watch

This is a great article that discusses everything there is to know about how the Harley Davidson watch came into existence. It talks abut the history of the company and tells you how you can know the difference between a real one and a fake so you don't end up buying some piece of junk that isn't a real harley davidson watch.

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The Bulova Harley Davidson Watch

The roots of the Harley Davidson Company are impressive. It began in a 10′ x 15′ wooden shed in 1903, when William Harley, who was only 21 years old when he created his first motorcycle blueprints, and Arthur Davidson created their first publicly available motorcycle. The brand has since gone on to become one of the most famous names in the entire world, both gracing their innovative motorcycles, apparel, jewelry and many different varieties of the Bulova Harley Davidson watch.



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