Giveaways and Other Things


What are plans for, anyway?


Changing I guess.


All of my wonderful blogging plans went totally awry this week for a few reasons. I'll discuss the big ones in the next post but there are a couple I'll share here.




I was sitting here minding my own business reading my feeds when I came across Sharing My Two Cents who's having a giveaway. Now look, you guys know I can't let a drawing pass without entering, right? Well I stopped to enter this one and the post described a big giveaway carnival called "It's Fall Y'all". I had to go check it out and, OMG!, there are almost 600 giveaways listed on one page!


Now, that's just not fair! What else am I supposed to do? I started entering them. I've entered somewhere around 200 so far. Yes that's what I'll be doing tonight also. There are giveaways for everything from chocolate to custom blog headers up for grabs. You better hurry though, they all end by this weekend. You know how my luck runs with drawings but there are still about 400 I'm not in yet ;)


Speaking Of Drawings


I was the lucky winner of a copy of "The Secret" from Contest Blogger. You can't win that one but you can go over there and get in on The Love Contest or The Make Money Contest.


The Other Things


We'll talk about the small miracles that have kept me away in the next post.



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BlogStruk said...

My goodness Mz. Scarlett, how do you manage?

Congrats on your recent win.

Ad Tracker said...

LOL!! I don't know nuthin' 'bout enterin' no contests ;)

Anonymous said...

haha you definitely are a lucky one :) I think I shouldn't give up and start entering contests again :)

hey, weren't you gonna move to the new blog?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is what's happening to me too with fall y'all! LOL!
I know how it feels.


Ad Tracker said...

@ Pearl - Crazy isn't it? I may not have to do any Christmas shopping :)

@ Mary - I'm so tired of leaving comments, I may not be able to type for a few days ;)

Anonymous said...

Wish I had the ambition to enter all of those contests, maybe I would win something cool!

I'll just let you win the prizes and then win them from you when you give them away here....unless I'm special enough to be on the Christmas list, that would be even better :P

Ad Tracker said...

Nick - Sorry I forgot to respond!

That was kind of the plan but I don't know how well it's working out.