When It Rains It Pours


I sat down at the computer this morning still basking in the warm feeling of disbelief about my recent contest wins around the blogospere when I checked on the blog, checked stats, checked Technorati...


...Why was John Cow dot com linking to me?


I had forgotten they were running a couple of contests that ended last night.


That's right, I won again! I won a Nintendo Wii and a $50 game voucher.


I've got to be honest here. I'm stunned. I don't know what to say. What is there to say? Is there a record for how many blog contests someone has won in 1 week?


I've never played a Wii. I'm not really a gamer. What game or games (How much do they cost?) should I get?


I've got to go reply to some comments. This is a weird feeling I'm having.


I wish I wasn't so tired.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it really pours . We told you it is "raining prizes" for you. We saw the results for both contest and left that comment.

So there is no escape for you now. You really ought to brag at Link And Earn . A place where smart people show off.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's amazing! With all these winnings, maybe you should set something aside to giveaway after your move ;)

knup said...

Someone is looking out for you :) I just want to win something - anything !

Ad Tracker said...

@ Link and Earn - OK, I think I'm being fairly generous by allowing you to link to your site continually in my comments but this is probably enough, OK?

@ Nick - HEHE!! You ain't getting my Wii, Nick! :)

@ Ryan - Keep entering, it'll happen eventually.

Thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

A Nintendo Wii? Oh, no. Guess you haven't heard. They're loaded with lead. Made in China. Something like that.

Here. Do this. Send it to me. I'll get rid of it for you.

Me being there for you.

Hee hee

Congratulations. You rock.

Matthew said...

Give it away on blogaboutyourblog!

Games are like 50$ it's pretty fun. Send it my way lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Ad! Congrats...I've been crazy busy too...and it took me a few minutes to figure out why JohnCow was linking to me too :)

Now if I can just find some time to check out Yaro's Blog Mastermind...my prize :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats AT! I'm sure you wouldn't have much time for the Wii what with your current projects, so you could send it to me while I babysit it. ;)

Ad Tracker said...

@ Bobbarama - LOL! Lead huh? OK, I promise not to lick it. If I decide to get rid of it, I'll consider your gracious offer ;P

@ PoEt - Umm, yeah, probobly NOT!

@ Dana - Thanks! Congrats to you also!

I'm a subscriber to Yaro's blog. You could probably teach him a thing or two about blogging.

@ YC - LOL! You know, that Wii has probably been sitting in a box on a shelf for a few month already. I figure it can stand to sit around for a couple of more weeks but thanks for the offer ;P

Thanks for the comments guys!

Anonymous said...

COngrats , this is an awesome time for you . Enjoy your Wii

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That's awesome that it's been raining prizes for you. I'm exhausted today as well so just wake me up when it starts raining men. heh heh heh

Ad Tracker said...

@ Madhur - Thanks, I plan on it :)

@ AntiBarbie - LOL!! I'll let you know if I see any falling ;)

Mom of 3 said...

No way! Congrats on your winnings!
Wii's are fun, I'm not a gamer either but we bought one for our kids this summer for their birthday.
Wii Sports and Wiiplay are good. You can get an extra Wii remote that comes with a wii game (either sports are wii play i forget) Anyway, the remote and game is only $10 more than just buying the remote by itself.

Have fun with your winnings.

ColorStruck said...

Congrats! It's nice to see good things happen to deserving people like you! I'm really happy for you. Don't give away your Wii - I've heard they're lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

You should start playing the lottery. I think your chances are pretty good right now.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Mom of 3 - Thanks so much and thanks for the game+remote tip! Those games sound more interesting to me.

@ Chanya - Thanks! I don't know about 'deserving' but I'll take it. I'm not givivg this one away ;)

@ Steven - I KNOW! If only the Powerball was up to about 300M ;)

Thanks for taking te time to comment guys!

Anonymous said...

That sounds great. Congrats. Have fun with the Wii.

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Donald, I plan to ;)

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