You Are Not Going To Believe This!


As I sat here at the computer before daylight this morning, I was seriously considering shutting this blog down because of my involvement in a project that is consuming all my waking hours and will be for the next few weeks. As I wrote the post listing all the great things that had happened here recently, I changed my mind and decided to stick it out and beg for your patience.


So this evening, I sit down at the computer and check the blog only to find I won a sponsor link in Nate's contest at Average Joe Blogger. Considering all the other stuff I won recently, that was pretty darn cool and I was feeling fairly impressed with my superior contest skills.


Then I checked my email.


I had a nice note from David Airey telling me I had won a prize in his blog birthday contest. He wanted to know what to call me when he posted the winners list tomorrow. Well, naturally, I was blown away. I was thinking to myself, "How can this be?" and "I wonder what I won." because he was giving away all kinds of really cool prizes like custom logos, books, a podcasting kit and all kinds of other stuff.


Then I checked Technorati...


...and saw he had linked to me and I realized the email was 10 hours old and it was already tomorrow in the UK. So I clicked on over to see what I had won.


I Won 3rd Place, The Bronze Package


This is what the Bronze Package includes.



Folks, I just can't tell you how close I was to shutting it down this morning. It looks like you guys are stuck wit me now and you can count on seeing more contest entries.


Now I need some input from you guys.


I need to figure out a new domain name and theme idea for this place. Ad Tracker and the AdSense Tracker Blog were fun but it is time for them to come to an end. I need something more reflective of me and the atmosphere around here. Yes, the pink, bubble gum look will be gone. I want something a little more serious but not a cheap knock-off of everybody else.


Think about it and post your suggestions, I really need the help so please throw your ideas out there.


While you guys are working on that, I'm going to the casino!



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MDSandB said...

I must say that the Pink Bubble gum look a little girlish but your theme and concept is great .I strongly advice you not to shut this down. Also try to take a look at other sites like and check out how they are maintaining there sites, directory and blogs. Your site will immensely grow if you match the pace with others.

Anonymous said...

So you will be shutting this blog down after all....but it's OK though because you'll have a new one so the blogosphere will not be without your input :D

I don't have any ideas at the moment, but I'll be sure to let you know if I think of any.

Whatever happens, be sure to let us know what you decide on so we can follow you to the new place!

Anonymous said...

thats great to hear :-) Are you going to move to Wordpress now?

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats! :D

seems you won a custom header/logo design from me, hehe

Hit me up through my contact form at so we can discuss what you'd like a little more.

By the way the Revolution Theme from Brian Gardner is killer, I use it on one of my blog, and it's solid.

cheers, Jon

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again!

Jon's right, Brian's Revolution theme package is excellent, and I'm sure it'd benefit you if you switch to WordPress.

Jon, thanks very much for leaving a comment here before I got in touch with you.

Anonymous said...

That is really fantastic. It is raining prizes for you. Congrats !!!

You ought to brag now. Please head over to Link And Earn . We take pride in seeing you happy.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on an awesome day . And please dont shut down the blog . Move to wordpress

Jos said...

Hi, you have been tagged by Santa’s Community Blog in a Collective Christmas Meme. Hope you can find a way to participate!

Anonymous said...

hey congrats again!! thats so awesome :) see the blogosphere is too darn cool to let go of cool people like you :) and I agree with Jon, the revolution theme is a killer, I wish I had won that ... go for it ... and I'd say keep the same domain name :) I kinda like it....

Ad Tracker said...

@ Mbsandb - Thanks, I'll take a look.

@ Nick - Oh yeah, I wouldn't just slip away. I don't know what I'm going to do.

@ WarriorBlog - Thanks. Probobly so.

@ Jon Phillips - Thanks Jon, I will be in touch.

@ David Airey - Thanks David and thank you once again for hosting a wonderful contest!

@ Madhur - Thanks. No, not shutting it down.

@ Jos - Thanks for thinking of me but I don't do memes. Hope you understand.

@ Pearl - Thanks Pearl. It is so overwhelming. My head is spinning.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you won't shut down! Sounds like you had a great month and I'm happy you got one of those prizes in that contest. I'm looking forward to seeing you move to a newer platform. I think you should keep a similar name to adsense or adtracker because it is what we've come to know you by. You can change the colors, but I don't mind the colors you have now either. Just keep it simple and not too crowded.

I am cutting back on blogging this month too. I think it is either shutdown/sell blog or slow down. I choose to slow down but keep going. When we get more time we can put more time into our blogs otherwise we need to live our lives :c)!

Ad Tracker said...

GnomeyNewt - Nah, I can't quit. This blogging thing is addictive. I don't know about the name, it's got so many negative feelings for someone new. We'll see.

We all have to find a balance to be able to stay in the game long term.

Thanks for the support :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Adtracker. You will look back on this when you are say 23... And laugh about the whole adtracker experience.

Just keep on going forward! You will be a huge force out there. In the mean time, I think you could probably pays off some bills (if you have any) or get a new car or snowmobile if you sold your site. You could probably get a decent price for it.

I just want to let you know I look forward to coming to your site and I am by no means telling you to give up. Just sell this one and move one. Just make sure that you let everyone know your new address for your new home!

Bestof luck!

Ad Tracker said...

Joe - Thanks for your support.

I don't know for sure what I'm going to do yet. Big decisions.

Don't worry. I won't run away.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Let me know when you switch domains so I can be a lurker there too haha

Ad Tracker said...

Baron - HaHaHa!!! Glad to know you're out there!

Thanks for stopping in and classing up the place ;)

Anonymous said...

I switched to Wordpress and like it so far, I won a custom theme from Milo through a Problogger contest and he and I are talking about what I want it to look like. You may prefer to move to wordpress as well, it seems to offer a bit more userability and you may want to host it yourself. That adds a touch more professionalism to your site, but hey, I am new to this whole thing of blogging. I have a whopping 9 weeks under my belt now.

Take care,

Ad Tracker said...

Joe - Good for you! I've been playing with WordPress a little lately and like it also. I think it's really the professional way to go.

Thanks for the comment :)