Catching Up


I've got some stuff to talk about but none of it is really big enough to warrant a separate post so I'm doing one of my "bits & pieces" posts.



Google 2.0


Are you sick of hearing about this post yet? I'm getting tired of writing about it.


It ended up on Digital Point again this week as well as a couple of foreign language forums (I think Indonesian). It was also discussed on a couple of relatively decent traffic Indonesian blogs; BrokenCode and CasaAranda.


Once again, while you guys were patiently waiting for me to come up for air, we had tons of people running around the blog. Fortunately they didn't make a mess and it doesn't look like they broke anything ;)


You should take a few minutes and read the comments on the forums and read the latest comments on the post itself.There was one in particular by a guy calling himself NanoMan who was whining abut me spreading lies! LOL! Some people are so uptight :)





I cannot remember how long ago I submitted this blog to Blogsvertise and never heard back from them. Then I received an email from them Monday telling me I had been accepted to the program. It presented me an offer to do a paid review that paid $5. (I know, a whole $5! All for me!)


I guess I'll give it a try and I'll probably apply at PPP also. I just wanted to let you guys know I'll probably be working in a few paid reviews but I promise not to let them get in the way of the real content. If you don't want to read them just skip them or hit the "next" button on your reader.



Another Win (Wynne?)


Did I tell you I won another contest? I can't remember and don't feel like digging so I'll just risk posting it twice.


I won second place in the Great Money Jar Contest over at Rhys' place. We were supposed to guess how much money was in the jar. The twist was he didn't want to know the value of the money, just the weight.


Now, I don't have any idea how much British money weighs (Or why they would weigh it.) but I took a long look at the pictures and guessed 43 pounds 28 ounces. It turns out I was way (weigh?) off but, fortunately, it doesn't seem the Brits are very good at guessing the weight of their own money.


Anyway, my superior guestimating skills won me one of those cool adicon spots at the top of his sidebar.


Swing over and take a look. It's so cute!



It's Good To Be Back


I just wanted to let you know I'm getting back into the blogroove fairly smoothly. I already have three new posts in the works so all will be well with the world again in no time.


Be sure to check in tomorrow. We'll be running a small contest.



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Anonymous said...

Ummm.... You did have to guess the value of the money in the coin British money is called pounds (£'s) and pence :-)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for that contest... ^_^

Ad Tracker said...

@ Rhys - Really? Well, how many dollars were in the jar and why did it weigh so much?

You guys must be stronger than you look.

Maybe that's why you Brits are notoriously cheap. Because you only have the strength to cary around a few dollars at a time ;)

@ Jug - Yeah, it should be fun. Put your thinking cap on ;)

Telling It Like It Is said...

Yeah, you're back! Glad to hear things are calming down to a more "normal" speed. Contest eh? Hmmm...I'll be back! :)

Michael said...

Did you say contest? I'll be hitting my refresh button for the rest of the day :)

Ad Tracker said...

@ Telling - Good to be back! You better be, I can't wait to see your entry :)

@ Michael - Or you could just subscribe to my feed ;)

How did you get your feedburner banner to show up in your SU page?

Why don't you have comments enabled on your blog?

What do you mean you didn't come here to be asked a bunch of questions?

Unknown said...

Hello ad tracker,

I love your catching up style post,make it short and straight to the point.Oh ya regarding the blogsvertise program it's work and me many time..To increase the payment your blog need get high page rank or by other way through human sense -advertiser love your writing skill..they will be pay you with very good price.
"Love is priceless!"

Kuala Lumpur

Ad Tracker said...

Laling - Thanks for the compliment and good to hear about Blogsvertise.

Thanks for the comment, don't be a stranger :)

Anonymous said...

ad tracker, your post had invite me to know you more ;)

Ad Tracker said...

BrokenCode - LOL! Well then, stick around and join us!

We have fun around here and newcomers are always welcome :)