Google Buys BlogRush!

Not really!


I just wanted to see if I could write a headline that would get any hits from BlogRush. If you came here from BlogRush looking for a story about Google buying blogrush, dream on. As long as you're here thought, go ahead and have a look around, read a little and grab my feed before you leave!


Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Post


It's Saturday and that means contest entries. There are a lot of great contests going on out there. One of the more popular prizes these days is banner advertising in all of those cool new ad optimized themes. Be sure to check these contests out and enter if the spirit moves you but if you win, you could at least remember to link back here for referring you.




GadgetTastic - GadgetTastic is running a contest to give away a 125x125 banner to run for 3 months. They value that ad at $1800 and all you have to do is link to the contest like I just did.


Make Money Online - Make Money Online is running a contest to give away a 125x125 banner on two blogs plus links and Diggs, Stumbles etc. All you hae to do is write a 20 word review about their cool "Make Money Online" blog where you can get some great 'make money' tips. You better hurry though, this one ends on September 30th.


The Gospel According To Rhys - Rhys is running a contest for a 125 banner as well as an ad icon. All you have to do is guess how much money is in his jar in pounds. (Why do the Brits insits on weighing their money?) Anyway, I think it looks like 43 pounds 28p. Or is that shillings, or crowns, or sovereigns, or loonies, or toonies, or euros. Wouldn't it just be easier if everybody just used dollars?




It's Write Now - It's Write Now is running a contest to give away a new 8gig ipod nano. All you have to do is blog about the contest and link to it as well as to the blog. You know, the usual stuff. The contest runs until October 31st so take your time on this one. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind if you just forget to enter. OK, forget I mentioned it. Next.


Fiddy P - Fiddy P Blog is giving away some of what seem to be very ear buds. The headphones are Vmoda Vibe noise isolating and are worth 69.99 GBP (There they go weighing their money again.) I've mentioned here before that I don't have an mp3 player, but if I win the Nano above I really need some super cool headphones to go along with it. Entering this contest is pretty straight forward. You just need to post the usual links and stuff. He does let you enter once a week for a total of three possible chances. Check out this contest and while your there check out the cool WordPress Plugins he has written.


The Beef Jerky Blog - The Beef Jerky Blog is running a comfort contest to give away two cool Fuf Chairs from Check them out they are very cool chairs. Be sure to go over to The Beef Jerky Blog and check out the other ways to get entries.


The Prize Blog - The Prize Blog is running a contest for a new logo and $20 cash. All you have to do is link to the contest and blog like I just did. You need to get this done though, because it ends October 17th.


Now go win something!



Fair well Shaun. We'll see you next summer!



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Anonymous said...

A blogger after my own heart with that tricky headline :) You'll have to update us to let us know if you end up getting any traffic from Blogrush!

Anonymous said...

I've been itching to do up some of these attention grabbing headlines but am hesitant about fooling readers too much! That Google 2.0 tho' - simply the best.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Dana - ZERO HITS! See my latest post :)

@ YC - This blog is all about experimenting. I'm not worried about my regulars because I clarified right away.

Thanks, I really enjoyed that one also ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) I'll still be lurking around reading your posts, I might not comment to much but I'll be here...kinda creepy lol

Ad Tracker said...

Shaun - LOL!! No more creepy than me knowing your IP ;)

Looking forward to your new blog!

Anonymous said...

good luck on the fiddyp contest, the draw is in a couple of hours!

Ad Tracker said...

Andy - Thanks!