5 Tips To Increase Comments


Comments are one of the things that make blogging worth while but, in the age of feed readers, how do you convince people to click over and leave one?


That's what we're going to discuss and, no, I'm not going to tell you to end every post with a question.


If you follow these five steps, within two weeks you will be well on your way to developing a community around your blog.



Show Some Link Love - This is one of my personal weaknesses. Take the time to acknowledge other bloggers. Make a special folder in your bookmarks for those posts you read and find interesting then, once a week, put together a post featuring the best articles you read that week.


Offering a little praise and linking to a post will almost always bring a positive response from the author and put you on their radar.



Comment On Other Blogs - I know you've heard this before but it really does matter. Why would you expect someone to go to the effort of rewarding you with a comment if you wont take the time to do it for them?


The most important things to remember about commenting are; make your comments relevant, be polite and do not include a link inside the comment body. (Be sure to fill out your email and URL in the author box.)



Give Something Away - It may seem like simple bribery and it is but, it works. many blogs have had great luck giving away prizes in contests where the only way to enter was by leaving a comment.


This blog has had so much success with "Submission For A Comment" promotions (StumbleUpon & Reddit) that I have seriously considered making them a regular event.



Write Compelling Content - If all you write are "Tips & Tricks" and "How-To" posts, you're going to have a hard time getting beyond the "Great Post" and "Thanks for this info." comments.


Write one or two posts a week where you express your opinion about something. Don't be afraid to take a position and back it up. Your posts don't have to be argumentative, just passionate. Write about something you care about, a favorite charity or a touching experience.



Answer Every Comment - I saved this point for last because I feel it is the most important. Your response to a reader's comment is your opportunity to encourage a conversation.


Imagine being at a party and an attractive guy or girl compliments you on your outfit. If you say "Thanks" and keep walking, do you think they will make an effort to talk to you again? Imagine, however, if you stopped for a moment, acknowledged their presence and gave them a compliment back. You have now encouraged them to talk to you again.


Always make your new commentators feel welcome and encourage them to comment again. It never hurts to end your response to a new comment with a question, but only once. Don't make them feel obligated to keep answering repeated questions, you'll run them off.


Take care of your regular commentators by encouraging continuing conversations. You must remember also, this is not a one way street. You should, at least, visit your commentators blogs and become a regular reader and commentator on the ones you like. 





If you write about topics you are passionate about as well as knowledgeable of, it will show in your content. If you care about your readers and treat them that way, they will appreciate it and show you.


If, however, all you want out of blogging is for people to click your ads, just hit the delete button and walk away. Turning off your computer will save you more money on electricity in a year than you will make blogging.



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shaun said...

I like resonding to my comments I thikn it increases my returning visitors chances of commenting a second time and it just increases the over-all look and feel to your blog. Great post stumbled :)

Ad Tracker said...

Shaun - I really feel like replying is the most important thing.

Thank You!

Joe said...

I want to thank you for this article. A couple of points hit home for me. I am going to try and implement a couple of things you suggested. Keep up the great work!

Ad Tracker said...

Joe - You are quite welcome! I'm glad you found something helpful :)

Dana Wallert said...

I agree, I enjoy the conversational part of blogging the most! Although, I can spend so much time on that part that I can forget to write!

Steven Snell said...

All very good points. I have found the 1st one to work really well. People will come to thank you for links (not all, but many will). And some of them will stick around and become regular readers. I also have increased comments by removing the nofollow tags.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Dana - LOL! Between replying to comments, checking stats and stumbling, it's amazing I have time to write anything ;)

@ Steven - I agree completely, removing NoFollow is a great method.

That's the difference between a designer and a writer solving a problem ;)

YC said...

I try to do all these on my blog and enjoy it so much that I practically stay online for most of the day! :) Great tips and really the most straightforward methods to get more comments.

GnomeyNewt said...

This is a great post and I am always wanting more tips on how to improve commenting on my blog since it is very important to me.

This past week I've been much lacking in my blogging and socializing because of my group writing project, taken a lot more time than I thought it would but I hope to be back at everybody's blog this week! :c)

Ad Tracker said...

@ YC - Thanks! It's easy to get caught up in the conversations and forget to do other things.

@ GnomeyNewt - All of your regular readers no why you have been busy and we all thank you very much!

Susan Suarez said...

I think replying is very important, especially when there are questions. I loved some of the tips you've offered your readers. I always try to make an effort in replying to comments. Some weeks are better than others... ;D

Ad Tracker said...

Susan - Quite honestly, considering how much time you must spend on your content and all you have going on, I don't see how you ever have time to respond to comments.

Or leave them :)

Madhur Kapoor said...

Nice tips . I try to follow all of them but sometimes it is difficult to respond to each comment .

Annand said...

Excellent suggestions!

That goes to reinforce quality over quantity.

I really think bloggers need to acknowledge every one of their visitors who leaves a comment, regardless of what it is. As you said, if they are taking the time to post it, why can't we?

Thank you again - very useful and practical suggestions.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Madhur - I agree. It is difficult, but you know it's working when you have difficulty keeping up :)

@ Annand - You're quite welcome. Thank you for your kind comment :)

Hernan Velasquez said...

Yeah. I like your point, specially when I observed a some aggresive bloggers that bealive that a comment is only posted for the back link.

It would be great if you may write about this topic some day.

Ad Tracker said...

Hernan - Thank you! I have actually been working on a post titled "Coment Etiquette" to cover just that type thing.

Tanks for commenting, stop in any time :)

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