Flisstered No More

That's right, I'm better now.


Not only did the thief take down the site, it happened within one hour of my post. You see folks, when I scream people listen and jump.


I Won!


Shutting that site down is only one of the reasons I'm in a better mood. I won a contest!


I won Daily Moola's give away of The SEO Book by Aaron Hall. Man this sucker has over 300 pages and almost no pictures. Now  can learn what all that stuff is you guys are always talking about.


Thanks Again Dev!


Since we're on the topic of SEO, I dare you to go Google "Flisstered". (Be sure to spell it right.)


Another Contest


This one was announced after the last contest post I made. Bloggrrl is having a contest and giving away a very nice crystal checker set that it looks like some people might abuse and use for a drinking game. I guess if you win it you can do whatever you want with it. Get over there and check out the rules and get yourself entered. I am.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting that site shut down and congrats on winning! :c) When your done reading give us the yey or ney to buy it. I'm really wanting to read this book but I still can't figure the cost out.

Ad Tracker said...

Gnomey Newt - Thanks for the congrats but in all honesty, I don't know if I had anything to do with it being shut down.

It's one thing to scrape a blog like this but when you start stealing from every big name out there, you're just asking to get busted.

I'm looking forward to getting into this book. It is expensive. I think it lists for $60 or $70. I may have to run a contest and give it away after I read it :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning the contest! I'm looking forward to what you think about the book. :)

Unfortunately I did not get to see the scrape - would've been interesting tho'. You must've been doing something very right to get scraped ;)

Anonymous said...

congrats on winning the book... site went down too quick, would've been interesting to see what else was on there...

oh count me in on that future contest for this book if you go forth with it..:)

Sacred said...

Hey! Congrats on winning the SEO Book...man, I really wanting that book badly! But, I guess you will just have blog about it some so I continue to check out your blog and learn more!

Also, great guest blog too!

Take Care, and Congrats again!


P.S. maybe I can win the big one over at davidairey.com, which I only found out from you! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey look, no need to afraid of these scummy blogs out there. It's alright to call them out. Good job, you are totally a rock star now.

I will entering this contest on bloggrrl tonight. I guess I can. I'm not a bloggrrl, but I can take a shot and or shots. :)

shots of shots. interesting.

Anonymous said...

screw you i wanted to win lol! haha just kidding but congrats! hopefully you can turn your site into an seo machine

Anonymous said...

congrats.. wow I can believe someone can do that... anyway is out of the game until he's comeback and steal again......

Ad Tracker said...

@ YC - Thanks! I'm excited to get started reading it. I just hope I can understand it ;)

That site went down really fast. I can't believe I forgot to grab some screenshots. DUH!

@ Pearl - Thanks for the congrats!

LOL! I'm seriously considering doing a contest.

@ Eric - Thanks! Yeah, I may just have to review it in segments to string you guys along :)

You keep your eyes off the big prize at David's place. that's going to be my ticket to the bIG TIME ;)

@ Brent - I ain't afraid of nuthin' Ha Ha Ha!! Don't tell that other site but I really was flattered.

Bloggrrl's contest is deffinately co-ed.

Nice to "see" you again :)

@ Shaun - LOL!!! I can show you where to buy it if you really want one ;)

SEO, Shmeseo - who needs it? Go do a google search for "posted 10 commandments" I'm #6 HA HA!

@ BlackSky - Thanks! I kind of wish they would come back. I've had a lot of fun with it :)

Anonymous said...

I will chime in from time to time.

You're on the feed :)

RandomEncounters said...

Congrats on winning!! That's always fun! I have a contest going on right now at Random Encounters of We if your interested. Chocolate as a prize seems worth the effort to me!

Ad Tracker said...

@ Brent - Thank You :)

@ RandomEncounters - Thank You and thanks for the tip. Chocolate is goooood! I'll be sure to plug it soon.

Thanks for stopping in, don't be a stranger :)

Rudi said...

Congrats on getting un-flisstered lol


Ad Tracker said...

Rudi - Thanks. I'm glad I feel better :)

Sacred said...

Hey Ad Tracker,

Your ticket to the "big time", from the looks of it your already big time! I don't know what your talking about!

Ad Tracker said...

Sacred - Yes, yes! I'm a legend in my own mind ;)