Week 7 Stats

What Happened This Week?

This has been an extremely difficult blog week. I've spent several days traveling including sixteen hours on the road yesterday as well as just a whole lot going on.

This week I paused all of my Pay Per Click campaigns but those were only contributing 20 - 40 hits per week. I also reintegrated some regular AdSense ads into the blog and was rewarded with a little revenue.

I think the biggest mistake I made was discussing the fact that I was travelling. There was an immediate and drastic decline in traffic after I mentioned that I would be posting erratically.

The Numbers

Expressed in - Hits / Subscribers / Revenue

This Week - 233 / 29 / $0.23
Last Week - 473 / 27 / $0.00

So Far - 1943 / 29 / $6.57


While I'm very disappointed with the traffic numbers, I find it interesting the subscribers increased. A far as visitors go, I got quality over quantity, I guess. Thank you all.

I finally did some overdue housekeeping here at the blog. I think it looks cleaner. What do you think?

As always, thank you for your loyal readership!

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