Week 6 Stats

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but it seems there are only 24 hours in a day. Who knew?

What Happened This Week?

The blog was a bit neglected this week as I have been traveling. Traveling gives me time to think but does not allow much time for the development of thoughtful articles. As a result I have had to post more tips and tools type posts than I like. This has resulted in a dramatic falloff in comments which I hate. To me the interaction is half the fun. Things should settle down some next week.

One positive note is this blog's Technrati authority has reached 125 with a score of 40,624!

This week I also completely removed the AdSense for Content ads from the site and went with AdSense for Referral ads. This proved to be a bad choice which I'll go into later.

Here Are The Numbers

Expressed in Hits / Subscribers / Revenue

This Week - 473 / 27 / $0.00
Last Week - 408 / 26 / $0.05

So Far - 1710 / 27 / $6.34


My experiment with the referral ads last week was a dismal failure. They received a little activity but no completed processes. I have to admit this was a surprise to me since I had presented ads for products or services I found personally attractive and useful.

I did experience a few display problems with the ads in that sometimes the stupid things would show a different ad from the one selected no matter how you tried to restrict it. I want to continue to show the referral ads for the simple reason that I feel they offer useful products you guys could use. I think, however, I will probably have to use them as a compliment to the regular content ads.

This is not going to be my Friday post! Today's regular post will be made later on.

Once again, thank you for your patience and continued readership!


Anonymous said...

It's one of those things that does depend though. I think content ads would be better for the time being, as referral ads I assume would be better once your blog starts getting indexed.

Of course, I'd love to know how much you'd get paid per referral...

Anonymous said...

How do the Google Referrer Ads work? Do you only get paid if they buy something, or is it still pay per click?

I've found that even when I've done some affiliate ads I have only gotten one person to buy something via it.

Either I need to get better at writing sales copy, or I have to stick with pay per click.

Ad Tracker said...

Hi guys!

I'm developing an in depth article about referrals. It should be out next week.

@ Rhys - For the record, this site has been indexed by Google and places pretty high for Keywords I don't care about ;P

Referrals pay substantially more than clicks.

@ MInTheGap - The referrals require an action beyond clicking such as signing up for a newsletter or registering for a service.

Cosmo said...

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