Stats Addiction

How did you do? I didn't do well at all :(

If you recall we were supposed to restrict our access to the statistical reports to once each morning. I made it until Sunday afternoon.

I'm doing better now than I was. I don't actually check every single visitor's info. Now I only look at the ones who view more than one page. I have only opened StatCounter a few times this week and I haven't been just living on MyBlogLog. I have also started checking my email 2 or 3 times a day instead of keeping it open all of the time.

Overall I think it has been a relatively successful experiment and has shown me I don't have to be so obsessive.


Anonymous said...

Great job cutting back. You'll be off the smack in no time.

Ad Tracker said...

Stat-Smack-Junkie: That's me!

Hin Man said...

Congratulation on your successful cut back. But wait until you get few more clicks, you will be checking by the hour, or every time you get in front of your computer.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I have an on again, off again, addiction to stats checking. Usually I do pretty good and only check a few times a day. However, recently one of my posts got stumbled by a lot of people and the traffic just started flowing in. We're talking thousands a day instead of the usual hundreds. I found myself refreshing my stats every few minutes trying to figure out what all of these new visitors were doing once they got to my site.

I'm back in the SA meetings and my future looks good!

Ad Tracker said...

@ Average Joe - One day at a time my friend. One day at a time ;)