Tracking Software?

Fellow blogger wealthbuildingguru stopped by my MyBlogLog page and left me a nice comment with an interesting question; "Which AdSense tracker software are you using?". I'm sure he didn't realize that his simple question would inspire an entire post topic but he did.

The fact is I hadn't thought about that topic. Well, OK. I had thought about it and I felt I had it covered with the tools I was using. (I'll get into those further down.) The truth is that Andy's simple question made my heart jump into my throat. I suddenly felt like a silly little girl trying to operate a website in a room full of serious adults. Then I decided that the thing to do was attack the issue head on and develop an informative post on the topic. I have spent several hours researching this and will post that information in a separately so that it can be submitted without this editorial explanation.


Anonymous said...

I would ask you the same question since your nick/title is Adsense Tracker. Your previous post mentioned about channel(already using) and Adsense Gold (not spending $100 for a brand new blog) but these are not preferable options (at least for me).

I hope you noticed that Darren from problogger is using a free Adsense tracking tool(look at his page code at the very bottom it's not Adsense Gold, it was coded by shawn and it's free).

I found almost a similar one like shawn's which i'm trying out in one of my website. I will let you know how things work out OR i might create a post in my blog. So, keep an eye on my blog.

Ad Tracker said...

Interesting points and no, I had not noticed that ProBlogger was using one of the free codes out there. The problem is, if you are hosted on a free platform like Blogger you can't install the server side code that's required to use any of the tracking software. The point of the last post was to help people in that situation monitor their ad production.

Be sure to let me know how the code that you're testing works out. I'd blog about it if I were you. When you do, come post a comment here and I'll be right over.;-)