Life is Risky

eMom has recently completed her second group How-To Writing Project. If you haven’t seen it yet you must check it out. It is an absolute wealth of blogging, SEO and general monetization tips.

While I was working my way through the project, I came across one article that I found particularly useful entitled “Non-Techies Intro to Site SEO” (Talk about speaking to me!) written by Susan over at Life Is Risky. It made me wish I used Wordpress.

After reading that article I had to check out the rest of her Life Is Risky blog and came across this post about a review contest she is running. This contest is basically a link exchange scheme made popular by John Cow, John Chow and many others and not unlike the “I Review” movement started by this site. The contest Grand Prize is $50 and hey, $50 would make this project suddenly profitable! I couldn’t resist, so here goes.

Needless to say I was impressed with the site and although she is having some hiccups from a recent server migration, her site is well presented in a clean and easy to read format. While she has to pay the bills with a few endorsements (Paying the bills, what a concept!), they are sprinkled lightly through the blog, are actually useful and are written so that it doesn’t seem like you’re reading commercials. I found that the majority of her posts that I was able to access were concise, informative and entertaining with a friendly conversational tone. She instructs without sounding like an instructor.

Full Disclosure: While this review was encouraged by a contest, the opinions are mine and I am a subscriber to the site. I would have been happy to share this blog with my readers with or without the contest. The only way to know if this blog melts your butter is to check it yourself. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Very nice review, I appreciate it and you have earned your place in the first set of reviews. Thanks! Very nice site you have here as well. If you really want to get a Wordpress blog then I say go for it. You can get a free Wordpress blog over at or install the version on a cheap server. Either way Wordpress is excellent and worth the time! :)

Ad Tracker said...

I meant every word, Susan. I'm seriously considering "upgrading" to Wordpress.