Article Style Blogs Are Informative

I just read a post over at that I had to respond to. Susan’s position is that blog posts should be short and pithy, more casual in nature than article style posts which are long and boring.

While I would agree with her for posts on a personal diary type blog with a conversational tone, but when I take the time to visit a serious blog I’m looking for something I didn’t already know and that usually requires a fair amount of information.

Granted, long articles take more time to read but just like a newspaper article, you know within the first paragraph or two whether it’s something you’re interested in. If it is, read it through and soak up the content, Stumble It, Digg It and/or Favorite It. If not skip it.

I have to say that fortunately for the blogging community, Susan doesn’t take her own advice very often.;-)


Susan S. said...

Hi there! Thank you for showing your support for the blog, I have posted a response to the comments I received from readers. Also take a look at my next posting regarding Hooks. :) I'm glad you enjoy and read the blog.

It's 1 week new and has ended up on the Hot Communities Page with MyBlogLog for 3 days of the past 7 days it's been up - Thanks to the readers like yourself!

Wishing you the very best,

Susan Suarez

Ad Tracker said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for stopping by and reading. Come again and don't forget your button!

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