The Types of Denture Implants

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There are two basic types of denture implants: bar retained denture implants and ball retained implants. Your dentist will determine which type is probably best for you. If you don’t have implants but you’re having trouble with your dentures, specifically keeping them in place and problems with them moving when you chew, talk to your dentist about it to see if he recommends the use of implants. It could just be that you need your dentures refitted and adjusted to your mouth. Once teeth are removed, the jawbone tends to deteriorate a little more quickly and gums can shrink, so simple adjustments may be all that you need.

Either type can help the dentures stay more securely in your mouth. These types of denture implant posts can help if you’ve lost some jawbone and you simply don’t have enough bone to hold them in place. It may be necessary for bone grafts or other surgery to build up your jawbone enough to actually hold the implants in place. Your dentist will know the best course of action for your particular situation.