Sleeping Better Is Easier Than You Think

Getting a good night sleep is more important to our health than most of us realize. This article explains how getting that sleep might be easier than we think.

If you are in the process of learning how to sleep better, and prefer not to use sleep-inducing medications, menthol rubs, neti pots or nose strips are other alternatives you may use. The neti pot has been in use for a thousand years and more. What’s nice is that they cost approximately $12 which you can purchase in any discount store, and use to prepare a solution of saltwater for yourself, based on the directions recommended to do so. Place a bowl below your chin and tilt your head back. Introduce the saline solution into one nostril and permit it to go over the sinuses and emerge from the other nostril. Then tilt your head forward and over the bowl, and allow the drained contents to drip into it. Although this self-medicating method may appear to have nothing to do with better sleep, the truth is, it really works by flushing the sinuses of all impurities and blockages, allowing you to breathe better, and resultantly … to sleep better.



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