How to Make a Rolex Harley Davidson Watch

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To make your own Rolex Harley Davidson watch, first you have to take over 100 years of experience in making precision, quality watches and combine that with over 100 years of experience in designing and creating motorcycles. Then smash all that experience together and come up with a merger of the Swiss company and the American company that would represent one of the coolest and most precisely accurate status symbols ever created.

You can purchase an officially licensed Harley Davidson watch from Bulova. They offer both men’s and women’s watches in a few different styles, and they actually own the license to create them. Harley Davidson chose Bulova to manufacture official Harley Davidson watches because they knew that the company created a quality product. If you purchase a Harley Davidson logo watch anywhere else, you’re purchasing from people who don’t have the right to sell them and who are most likely selling you a poor quality product.