Flood Loss is Everyones Loss

This is a really strong article about preparing for and dealing with, flood damage and the potential losses it can bring.

Amplify’d from homeinspired.com

When one’s home floods it can be a devastating experience for all involved, from the home owner, to the insurance company.  Often times things of great personal value are lost among the wreckage caused by rising waters and although they meant something to the owner, the insurance companies can be quick to deny a claim to replace you’re beloved chia pet.  The heart break of loosing photos and precious documents is not easily mended by a big fat insurance check, but it does usually help a little.  Knowing that you will once again be able to smile on the face of your terra cotta headed friend as he quietly sits starting back at you glowing with pride at his fabulous new head turf can make even the manliest of men shed a tear of relief.  Water damage repair isn’t just about getting out the water and the mold, it is also about getting the sense of security and pride back in.

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