Denture Implants for Problem Dentures

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If you wear dentures, you’re probably already aware of the many different problems that can crop up from time to time. Almost all of these problems can be prevented with denture implants. These implants help hold the dentures in place so that they don’t move around on your gums and cause these problems. Some of the issues that most denture wearers face at some point in time are things like the dentures moving while they chew and talk. Your false teeth moving while you talk can be embarrassing, especially if they slip completely off the gums. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re talking or laughing and your teeth draw attention to themselves in that way. But there are other problems that go a little bit deeper than simple embarrassment.

If you’re having trouble with your dentures, explain the exact nature of the problem to your dentist. He may be able to take the teeth and simply reshape them so that they fit better in your mouth. This is especially important with the upper dentures which usually aren’t good candidates for implants. Often you can avoid surgery and have your dentures built up to fit in your mouth better, thereby avoiding the extra cost of denture implants, but don’t rule out implants if it will help you find a better fit.