6 Little Known Facts about Harley Davidson Watches

The look of a Harley Davidson watch, or any other accessory is awesome and really adds to the whole mystique.

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When you are in the market for a new accessory that shows off your sense of style as well as your love for the open road you may look into getting a Harley Davidson time piece.  Popular among bike enthusiasts the Harley Davidson company has been around for over 100 years now with no signs of disappearing.  While you conduct your search for the perfect new watch you may come across a Harley Davidson Rolex watch.  Unfortunately there is no proof that Harley Davidson and Rolex teamed up to make such a product.  Harley Davidson watches are made by Bulova.  Bulova has been in the time piece business almost as long as Harley Davidson has been in the motorcycle business and are known for their fine precision time pieces.  Harley and Bulova partnered in 2001 at the same time that Bulova contracted with Wittnauer.   Harley Davidson wrist watches come with a 2 year limited warranty from Bulova that covers the entire watch.

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