Dental Implant Procedures

There are two basic types of dental procedures that involve implants. One is dental implants which are bars that go down into the gum to hold a single tooth in place when a false tooth is needed. The other is denture implants which help hold false teeth in place when several teeth need to be replaced. The implants are spaced around the mouth to do a good job of holding an entire plate of teeth firmly in the mouth.

People who typically have problems with their false teeth have problems keeping their bottom teeth in place. When they chew, when they talk or laugh or even when they yawn the bottom teeth will tend to slip around and maybe even rub the gums and cause irritation. Logic seems to suggest that it would be the top teeth that might fall down. But because they’re a much larger set of teeth and cover the entire upper palate, they’re naturally held in place a little bit better and usually don’t require the denture implants procedure.