Making Money Online - How To Begin

So, you have decided you want to start making money online.


OK, good. Now what?


Start a blog about making money online and put AdSense ads on it?


Hah! Good Luck!


Seriously though, there are a couple of questions you need to really think about first.


  1. What kind of money do you want/need to make?
  2. How much time are you willing to budget for this endeavor?
  3. How much money are you willing to spend to be successful?


Essentially, you need to decide if your internet business is going to be a lemonade stand, a yard sale, or a small business.


Each of these levels are completely doable. It's just a matter of making it happen. It is, however, important to decide what you want to accomplish so you can make a plan and set reasonable goals.


Having a plan with specific goals will help you stay on track to achieve the success you want/need.


Now we'll discuss what it takes to make each of these levels reachable in your journey to online success.


... to be continued.


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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this looks like it is going to be an interesting series of posts with some nice analogies along the way...

Ad Tracker said...

One can certainly hope so ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post can't wait for the nest in the series. Hopefully you will be sharing your money making secrets that you have been using in your time away from here :)

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Steve. It's fun to be back around here.. Glad you are too :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I'm ready for the first in the series!