Itll Make You Say Wii!


You know, weeee! As in big fun!


Those incorrigible cows over at John Cow dot com have convinced another sucker, I mean sponsor, to pony up the funds for another cool contest.



This time Cell For Cash dot com is providing a Nintendo Wii and a $50 game voucher to boot. Now who can't appreciate that?


Cell For Cash is a company that buys old cell phones. (Who knew they were worth any thing!) I mean they will actually give you cash for the phone you just upgraded and threw in the drawer. I saw a few models they will pay up to $48 dollars for. They also have an affiliate program that looks worthwhile. Check them out.


To get yourself a chance at this great weight loss program, go to this post and follow the directions.


I wish you all the worst of luck in this contest because I really want to win this thing.


Anonymous said...

i'll check this one out...

just added you to my tech favorites by the way :)


Ad Tracker said...

Steve - It's a heck of a prize.

Faved you back :)

Barrie said...

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