Page Rank 5 on a Free Platform?

While surfing through blogs the other day I came across I assumed by the URL it probably wasn't something up my alley. I was wrong! This is a site with tons of SEO and marketing content, but what makes it special is this site has a Google PR5! I checked it out and it's true.

All of that is well and good, but here's what really caught my eye; he is offering the opportunity to earn a PR-5 DoFollow link. The steps to earn this valuable link are very simple and can be found here. Basically you just have to add a couple of sites to your BlogRoll. (I earned mine before I started writing this post.) You can also earn a PR-4 DoFollow link by reviewing one of his other sites, or That is the purpose of this post.

For my review I chose primarily because I just didn't really care for the urban arty feel of WebUrbanist.

Don't think about the name. This site has quite a bit of commentary directed at many sources. Sometimes it has a "Screaming at the Giants" feel to it but, if you look deeper you'll find that is a series of simple experiments to test his ability to manipulate the internet through these posts. The great thing is, if read closely, he shares the results of these tests. I found the concept to be fascinating and educational.

The request for review asked that I link to a specific post on that I found particularly interesting. I know it's weird but my favorite post, of the one's I've read, would have to be his bio post. I just found it funny. Definitely a blog that deserves a deeper read.

With all of the buzz about the new Google Page Ranks coming out soon, do yourself and your blog a favor by going over to and earning your PR-5 link.


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