What to Do With A Derelict Car

This is an awesome concept. I had no idea there are actually companies that will come haul away your old, broken down, car for free, and actually pay you cash money for it when they come get it. I have to believe that if everyone knew this was possible, there would not be any old junk cars sitting around with weeds growing around them.

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It’s one of those realities of life; sometimes cars breakdown and just simply aren’t worth what it would cost to repair them. What happens then? Well, usually, the car gets parked somewhere out of the way, maybe to the side of the house, the back yard, or possibly even out on the street, so you can keep using your driveway and carport, if you have one. Often, the plan is to fix it up good enough to sell when you have the money.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual (Actually, it’s quite common.) to look up one day and realize you have been mowing and weed-eating around the thing for years. This is when reality slaps you in the face and you come to understand that you aren’t going to ever fix that old junk car. It’s just an eyesore that’s in the way. But what in the world do you do with it?

Getting cash money for your old junk car is actually a pretty easy process. All you need to do is make sure the junk car is ready to be hauled away (Get everything you want out of the car.), then call a car junking company. They will usually set up an appointment to come get the car within 24-48 hours. It’s really that simple.

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