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List articles seem to be all the rage these days. So much so, a whole list of analysis articles have been written describing how many points on a list have the best chance of success on social media sites.




Luciano from Litemind put together a group writing project/contest with a top prize of $100.


Well, you guys know I can't pass up a good contest and since I've had so much fun with writing projects and won money in the past, I entered with a list of my own.


That was the easy part.


Now I have to read all of the lists and vote for my favorites.


"Why is this so difficult", you ask?


I have a confession.


I don't like list posts.


When I say, "I don't like list posts", I mean I REALLY don't like them.


But, I made a commitment when I chose to participate in the contest, so, I waded through 67 entries and came up with my list of winners in no particular order.


  1. Best 101 Lists by Pearl - How could a list of lists not be a winner in a list writing contest? If you're a list freak, this list is a 'must read'. Is there any wonder Digg loved this one?
  2. 5 Ways to Crack or Reset a Forgotten Windows XP Administrator Password by Aseem Kishore - I love useful articles and this is definitely one. The only problem is I bookmarked it on my XP computer :P
  3. List of Why Blogs are A Female Gender by Domtan - This list was too funny not to be included, plus it's not a numbered list. I just don't see what the problem is.


This is the point in the post where I'm supposed to have something witty to say to wrap the article up and bring it to a close. I'm sorry, but I find lists to be draining so,


The End


AK said...

Thanks for voting for me! Really appreciate it! Great blog you got here! I'll subscribe! thanks

Ad Tracker said...

AK - You're welcome! It was a good article. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the vote... appreciate it... and good luck to you too...

Ad Tracker said...

You're welcome, Pearl. Thanks :)