How To Review A Blog - Revisited


A couple of months ago I posted a reasonably well constructed and fairly well received article entitled, "How To Review A Blog". It even tied for second place in the How-To Group Writing Contest/Project at Blue Jar dot com, netting me $62. (Thank you Sarah and thank you voters)


The problem is, I have come to the conclusion the article is terribly flawed. If a writer were to follow the formula I laid out, they would end up writing more of a critical analysis than a review.


Having written quite a few blog reviews since publishing that article, I have come to understand there are a couple of things we must think about before we begin any review.


  • Unless we are a guru (writing/site building/seo) who has been asked to analyze the site for improvement, we should stay clear of these areas except for the most glaring issues that effect readability.
  • A blog is a collection of entries that together form the content. As a reviewer, we are there to review the blog, not the color pallet of the theme, the type face or the widgets.


Somewhere in our culture we have come to expect a review, be it product, performance or otherwise, to slice and dice the reviewed item. Peeling back all the layers to the absolute core, leaving nothing for the reader to discover for themselves. I fell into this trap with the original article and with some of the reviews I've written.


I guess the point I'm trying to make is; a blog review should review 70% Content, 20% Usability and 10% Everything Else.


Just remember, a blog review is an editorial article, it's all opinion. We should spend our time expressing that opinion about the parts that matter.



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Anonymous said...

That's a great point. I generally don't do blog "reviews", because I always feel like I'm not really qualified enough to be telling someone what to do with their blog when I'm still learning what to do with mine! I do plan to recognize some blogs and authors in the future, but in more of an introductory format... you know, like, here's this blog and blogger, here are some of their posts that resonated with me, here's a link so you can go there.

Ad Tracker said...

Chris - I think that's why most people are intimidated by the thought of either doing or receiving a review.

If we just stick with the things we know, we'll be in good shape :)

Anonymous said...

I agree a hundred percent on that we need to just stick with the things we know! I notice too many "new" blogs start talking as if they are the authority and in the know of it all! I've been blogging for almost 6 months and feel I couldn't tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do! I can only speak from the position what works for me and what doesn't! And I have so much to improve! great points, as always! :)

Ad Tracker said...

Pearl - You got it. There is no reason to not write a review, just stick to what you know.

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