WWW Wrap-Up

That’s - Wild Wild Week Wrap-Up

It has definitely been an interesting blog week. So interesting, in fact, it’s a good thing we have a long weekend to rest up.

Here’s what I can remember of the last week’s high lights in no particular order.

That’s from the blogosphere, what about around here?

  • Our MBL community broke 100 members and now stands at 105!
  • Our subscribers reached 60 yesterday.
  • There was something else. What was that? Hmmm…. Oh Yeah! This blog is now profitable!

I was accepted as a member of the team at Top Secret Blogger and posted my first article. Don’t worry, I promise not to let it interfere with this blog. I’m playing in a higher league over there, the atmosphere is a bit more serious. For now….we’ll see. Hehehe

I’m only kidding Patric. Sorta :)

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on the Let’s Make A Deal post and got Stumbled. Tell us how it worked out for you. Did you see a noticeable traffic increase?

For those that are interested, I’ve decided to post my stumble bait article Monday afternoon. You’ll know it when you see it. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Do you remember the Link Bait Reviews from last week? I had a concern about how those sites were able to make the Page Rank checkers show them with a high PR when they, quite obviously, weren’t.

It turns out Freelance Venue has uncovered a similar deal and claims there is a way to fake PR.

That’s right boy and girls, I’m not as dumb as I look! I feel vindicated!

OK, Maybe I Am (As dumb as I look)

I have saved the most embarrassing event for last.

I can’t think of anything much more humbling than going to bed with that warm pleased feeling about my last post. You know, the one where I explained how smart I am about increasing subscribers to your RSS feed by doing things like putting a tag link for your feed at the bottom of your post.

I was really proud of myself (That’s when it always gets you.) until I checked my email this morning and saw that Gnomey Newt from The Blue Jar had, so politely, whispered to me that the tag link to my FEED was BROKEN!


She was such a sweetheart for taking the time to email instead of leaving a comment for all the world to see.

Thank you!

I owe you one for sure.

If you enjoyed your read, grab my feed!


Anonymous said...

Great job on earning some money...that's always a great feeling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love! I'm glad your link is working again. :c)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention :)

Adding a link to your feeds at the bottom of your posts is very helpful to increase RSS readers. But since your link was broken you must have done something else right. Your content is really good so I say that's one good reason to subscribe :)

Ad Tracker said...

@ Ses5909 - I agree, money is gooood!

@ GnomeyNewt - No no, thank you! It would still be broken if it weren't for you.

@ Dee - You're quite welcome and your comment is very kind. Stop in any time!

whatagem said...

I was wondering if you could help me out....I'm having the most horrible time with adsense and commision junction! Please visit my blog for email addy

Anonymous said...

I read that article on weight loss, lol. I'm totally getting a Wii! Thanks for linking up my article!

Ad Tracker said...

@ WhatAGem - Sorry to hear you're having difficulties. I'd be happy to offer any help I can.

Here's my problem, I can't find you're email link on your blog :(

I'm sure it's me. I'm like that sometimes. You can email me at ad.money4me at gmail dot com.

@ BlogGrrl - Your article made me laugh out loud and the comments were almost as funny too. Then I read Patric's post and it was just too much for me.

I hope you ended up getting the numbers you deserve from that post. You've got some awesome talent :)

Anonymous said...

It definately sounds like you had a busy week. Glad you got your link fixed, I would have never noticed though because I'm already subscribed.

Ad Tracker said...

Nick - Thanks for that and thanks for clicking in to comment :)