My Little Dust Pile

Every once in a while it's necessary to sweep up the small trimmings that didn't quite find their way into a post but need to be mentioned before they get forgotten and just fade away.


This is my little dust pile of content for today.



Black Sheep Blogger


That's me. Rhys put together his list of Black Sheep Bloggers and I'm on it. What's a black sheep blogger, you ask? Rhys defines it as a blogger who bucks the status quo trend.


This is the second list this blog has made recently and once again I find myself in extraordinary company. Thank You.



Drowning In Hype


If everyone is selling something, who is going to buy it?


Doesn't it just give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside when you surf around the internet reading all of the cool headlines about dealdotcom in all of the BlogRush widgets? No I didn't link to them in this post, there's just no need.


Anybody want a Pownce invitation?



Reviews and Mentions


Be sure to check out the in depth review of this blog over at romandock dot com.


We got a nice mention by Joe from The Up Front Mortgage Broker. (Who says this blog doesn't have mass appeal?)



Contest Round-Up


Get your post written for the How-To writing contest over at Blue Jar.


Get entered to win some free advertising in the contest going on over at Average Joe Blogger.


Go make leave some comments at romandock dot com so you can qualify for his contest.


Don't forget about the simple contest at Blog About Your Blog. Get entered so you can have a chance at that really cool 3rd place prize!


Hurry up and get your entry into the Mother of All Blog Contests at David Airey dot com.


You only have about 24 hours to get in on the "Tips & Tricks" writing contest at Daily Blog Tips.



Salmon Blogger


Kudos to BlogGrrl. Rhys called her a Black Sheep Blogger but I'll call her a Salmon Blogger. Why salmon? Salmon swim against the stream and salmon is a shade of PINK! BlogGrrl is the only blogger I saw this weekend that posted about NOT joining dealdotcom.


Good for you!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love :c). I checked out that bad hosting review by Dean, I am tempted to write something on my blog about how selfish he is being but I won't give him that credit. The people in those photos went through a heck of a lot more than some stupid hosting account gone bad. I have worked in hosting industry for over 4 years and I've seen it all, if he wrote a bad review I WOULD so believe him, but now I find it hard to. Sorry folks, I can't compare any of our "bad" conveniences to what is going on in those photos.

Ad Tracker said...

GnomeyNewt - You're quite welcome.

I agree with you about Dean. His response is totally over the top. I don't understand why the rant alone wasn't enough. Why the pics? He kind of overplayed his hand.

I was really torn about posting the link and decided to try to compromise by warning people away from it. It stil felt icky posting it.

If you notice I removed it from this post. I decided the more appropriate compromise would be to bury the link in a deep dark corner of the archives.

Thanks for your honesty :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linky love!

You are a black sheep blogger! I mean it in the nicest possible way too (and you don't have to baah! :P)

I'm curious to what you and Sarah are refferring to to be honest ;)

Ad Tracker said...

Rhys - I love being a Black Sheep! I've always been an oddball and proud of it.

Sarah was just reminding me that it is more important to maintain your standards than it is to please someone you've never met.

Diarry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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