My Blue Jar Winners

My goodness! This was the toughest thing I've had to do in a while.


GnomeyNewt from just finished up her writing project/contest. Since I was a participant, I had to read all of the entries and choose what I considered to be the three best.


I have to say, there were really some very good articles submitted for the contest and choosing only three was tough. The three I selected were articles that I actually found to be useful and were also well written. They are presented in no particular order.


How To Deal With Angry Customers was submitted by John from Business Opportunities And Ideas and is a must read for anyone who deals with the public. There are a lot of businesses that would be considerably more profitable if they were to take a page from John's book.


How to Write, Send, Reply, and Forward E-Mail was submitted by Lillie from While this topic may seem rather simple, you will be amazed at the depth and completeness of this article. Don't be surprised if, upon reading it, you find something about email you had forgotten or weren't ever aware of.


How To Install WorPress Locally (On PC) was submitted by Sumesh from TechZilo. This one spoke to me because I am toying with the idea of changing over to a WordPress blog and need a testbed I can play with. I'm happy to report tat after following the directions exactly I now have a working edition of WordPress installed locally.


Honorable Mentions


These came so close and were so good, I just couldn't go without mentioning them.


Don’t You Want To Be An Internet Marketing Rock Star? was submitted by YC from InternetMarketingMind and is a well written guide to marketing yourself and your site on the internet.


How to Successfully Switch Your WordPress Theme Without Throwing Your Computer Through the Window was submitted by Steven from VandelayWebsiteDesign. The title on this one is pretty self explanatory. It seems to go into fairly decent detail and flows pretty well. I will probably be using this one day.


And there you have it. I want to thank Sarah for sponsoring this wonderful contest and giving everyone a chance to show off their stuff. Now I have to start on the Daily Blog Tips list. It's only three times as long. Maybe there will be some duplicates.



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Anonymous said...

Thank you for including my post on e-mail in your top three! There were a number of excellent entries, and choosing three favorites was, as you said, one of the hardest things I've done in a while.

Ad Tracker said...

Lillie - You're quite welcome, it was well deserved.

I enjoyed participating in the project but I don't like the voting part. Too many good articles :)

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks! I was soooo close! ;) Thanks for the honourable mention, Ad Tracker! But you're fast - I have not finished the articles yet - this weekend should be better for me, after the wakeboarding world cup series here woohoo!

Ad Tracker said...

YC - I can't tell you how hard it was to choose.

I decided to pick three that weren't regular readers so I could hurt everyones feelings evenly ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to make it so tuff, but thanks for voting. Maybe next time I'll do a lot more for favs or something to make it less hard if possible!

Ad Tracker said...

GnomeyNewt - Oh goodness! You can't listen to me whine.It's been a blast!