Did Someone Say Contest?

It's that time of year when everyone spruces up around the blog and runs contests to keep it interesting.


Most contests follow pretty much the same, predictable model but from time to time a blogger comes up with something new. Such is the case with the contests being run by the following bloggers.


Blue Jar


GnomeyNewt (Is the G silent?) from Blue Jar dot com has come up with a blog carnival / contest. Basically it is a carnival where the participants vote for the winners. The top 3 places will pay a total of $225. Now that's incentive to write! Check out her contest at this post.


Wall of Blogs


Enkay from Enkay Blog has a new contest project that, while inspired by other contests, has enough new twists to call it original.


He has estblished the Wall of Blogs and is selling 125x125 squares for $5. The cool part is, not only do you get a nice 125 square ad for $5, when he sells 640 of the spaces he will give away $1000. So, warm up your PhotoShop and build yourself an ad block then dust off your PayPal password, head over to Wall of Blogs and pick yourself a block or section.


Roman Dock


Nick from Roman Dock is running a contest for a unique prize, a Ham Radio License Manual.


If you think about it, the hammers of the past were the forum members and bloggers of their day, so isn't it appropriate, in a retro sort of way, that a blogger would reach back to the earliest days of long talking for their first contest? Check his contest out here.


Average Joe Blogger


Average Joe Blogger is giving away 3 months of advertising space on his blog. The contest ends at the end of September so your ads will run through the heart of peak ad season. The contest is set up in the usual manner but the prize is fairly unique. Check out his contest here.


Daily Moolah


OK, I know this one isn't that unique but I wanted to qualify for another chance at winning The SEO Book by Aaron Walls. Check his contest out here


Unknown said...

Good way to get another entry Adtracker. Thank you for subscribing to Daily Moolah. I'm bringing about some great changes to the blog very shortly :) -- Dev

Ad Tracker said...

Dev - Oh cool, saved me an email ;)

Your place is pretty nice now can't wait to see it after the improvements.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the mention. Now come on over and leave some comments to get yourself entered!

I'll have to check out some of these other ones you mentioned and try to win some free stuff.

Ad Tracker said...

Nick - You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link love to my contest. Hope to see your entry soon! :c)

ColorStruck said...

Great post. Thanks for compiling the list!

Ad Tracker said...

@ Gnomey Newt - You're welcome. I'm working on it right now :)

@ ColorStruck - Glad you liked it. Now go win something!

Anonymous said...

gosh there are too many of these contests going on ... I probably will make one Grand entry to these too :) thanks for sharing!

Ad Tracker said...

Pearl - Thanks for stopping by.

Too many? No way! ;)

Unknown said...

Hey Adtracker - YOU WON THE SEO BOOK!!! Please send me the email id you'd like me to send you the e-book by -- Thanks :) --Dev

Ad Tracker said...

Dev - Thanks! Wow that's very cool!

I left my contact info on your latest post.

Thanks again.