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My article tonight is posted over at TopSecretBlogger, it's titled Are You An  Ostrich Blogger?  Check it out and let me know.


This is what I'm doing right now. I entered two writing projects/contests that ended on the same day. Now I have to read the articles and vote for my favorites in each contest. I thought you might want to read along with me this evening. There really are some excellent articles here. Be sure to check them out.


This list is from the Blue Jar contest. 44 entrants here and I'm about half way through this one so far.

Final Entries List

Top 5 ways to romance your blog by Phil Van Treuren
Public Speaking Made Easy by Cedric
Enter a How-To Contest for Cash by Matt Gibbs
How To Promote Yourself (When You Don’t Want To.) by Dee
How to create a post in Wordpress by Roberta Ferguson
How to Successfully Switch Your WordPress Theme Without Throwing Your Computer Through the Window by Steven Snell
How To Nail That Job Interview In The First Thirty Seconds by Martin Stoddart
How to speed up WordPress easily by Marco
Simple way to Track Downloads by Shrihari
How to Speed up your Torrent downloads by Felix
How To Review A Blog by AdTracker
How To Be A Flamer by WishBone
How To: Add Copyright Notices To Your Blog by Kyle Eslick
7 Steps to creating a successful community by Karthik
Contains Zero Trans Fat - Truth or Creative Advertising? by JoLynn Braley
How-To Guide: Increasing Your Sphere of Influence by Steve Belt
Beginners “How to” Guide for SEO by Steve
Add social bookmarking buttons to your blog by Girish Bhaskaran
How To Deal With Angry Customers by John
How to Have a Great Movie Experience by Em Dy
How To Make Your Wordpress Blog Safer by Simon Ward
Lock Folders without using any Software by Madhur Kapoor
Testing Lessons – Top 5 Secrets to Bug Hunting Success! by Debasis Pradhan
How To Track New RSS Subscribers Google Analytics in 3 Easy Steps by Rhys
How To: Install WordPress locally(on PC) by Sumesh
How To Pull In Quick Cash With a Myspace Resource Site by Levi
What the hell is a column inch: How to advertise in a local newspaper by Angela
How To Prepare For The Perfect Date by Shaun Low
How To Ride a Bicycle in the City by Roger Green
How do you track your comments? by pelf
How to become a better writer in 30 days by Writing Nag
Don’t You Want To Be An Internet Marketing Rock Star? by YC
3 Ways On How To Create A Buzz With Social Web Widgets I.E MyBlogLog And Blogrush by Jonathan Kok
How To Get Approved for PayPerPost With A New Blog by Karol Krizka
Tips and Tricks: How to Write, Send, Reply, and Forward E-Mail by Lillie Amman
5 Tips To Enter Sweepstakes Online by Monika
How to clip a cat’s claws without getting nailed by Mary Anne
Mind Map Tutorial on Blogging by Monika
Eating Crow by Susan Wingate
How to Become a Human Calendar by Luciano Passuell
The Client Cycle Explained by James Mitchell
How to Sleep on a Plane by Sheila
Screensaver for Promoting Your Company by David
Trick To Rename Internet Explorer Titlebar by Haris


And then there is the list from Daily Blog Tips. This contest had 121 entries. I'm going to be busy for a while. You can too if you want to.


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Technology & Internet
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Becky C. said...

I must say, perhaps all this stuff is important if the blog is a true commercial endeavor.

But, I frankly doubt the claims of those like John Chow who make millions a year blogging. I suspect as a business model, blogging is more useful as an adjunct to either a brick and mortar business or an online business.

Some blogging is just web logging. And with those there is little reason to whore oneself or slant content to get readers. That is not the point of the writing--it is entirely personal.

The third, is when someone writes on a particular topic or category and they get a cadre of readers--who are generally ditto heads--this is how most political blogs are. In order to maintain readership a bit of whoring is necessary--one must keep the opinions in the spectrum of the likes and desires of the targeted readership, even if the blogger might disagree a bit on something.

The fourth type of blogs tell you how to blog and how to maximize traffic and get rich. I think these, next to political blogs, may be the most popular of blogs. They can be lame, exploitative or ,depending upon your needs and desires, useful.

In my mind the best blogs, are blogs that are written as a labor of love--and somehow hit a chord with people. They are generally written half-way decently, because some care is put into in putting them together.

I have always maintained that the Google algorithm is successful, because it has to a greater or lesser extent been able to hit on the articles that most closely meet the search needs of the searcher.

My blog is a labor of love. I have always tried to write half-way decently. But there is no overriding themes. I do have things I go back to from time to time like libertarian politics--but I am equally likely to discuss Britney Spears, recent fashions, or sex toys.

I am not bragging. But I think my case proves my point on this. Now days on virtually anything I write, within a day or two it is at the top of the Google search engine, and usually near the top of the first page.

I have been around long enough the algorythm recognizes I am not going to disappear someday. And I update on a daily basis--with some reasonably well written material on a wide variety of subjects. Google crawls my site several times a day.

I do not have enough knowledge to do any SEO tricks and, except out of curiosity, have never even read about this stuff.

I think , despite a lot of the advise, and not a little snake oil,one sure fire way to blogging success is to play to the intent of the Google algorithm and write decently on whatever and do it consistently and persistently.


Ad Tracker said...

Becky - My goodness!

Where to begin?

I think I'll just say, that's why they make chocolate and vanilla.

Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting up all the entries, I'm sure everybody appreciated the link love too! Good thing is that I've read a lot of the entries in DBT already, so hopefully it won't take me too long when I go to vote.

@becky: I don't know where to begin, but group writing projects are about having fun and learning from each other. John Chow wasn't involved with either of the projects, thankfully!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! Now you can write a "10 ways to write a '165 how to/tips & tricks articles' article" :)

Ad Tracker said...

Jon - LOL!!! Or I could write a "How To Write The Longest Speed Link Article Ever" post :)

I'm afraid I've used up all of my speed linking for the next month ;P